Our Community.

Our Market.

What is the Dorchester Food Co-op?

The Dorchester Food Co-op is a grassroots initiative to build a
community & worker-owned grocery store that makes healthy food accessible 
and advances economic opportunity through neighborhood engagement.

The Dorchester Food Co-op envisions a diverse inclusive community with 
opportunities for employment, ownership, and access to healthy food. 
As a food co-op, we will serve and reflect the wide variety of cultural, 
racial, and socio-economic groups that make up the neighborhoods of Boston.

The Dorchester Food Co-op will be:

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Fresh, Organic

A community- and worker-owned retail store that specializes in affordable fresh organic and conventional produce, a large bulk food section, and green household products.

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A community space for education and cultural activities.

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Socially Responsible

A model of beautiful green design and socially responsible business practices.

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A dynamic center for healthy eating and sustainable living that reflects the unique strengths and cultures of Dorchester.

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A Job Creator

A business that provides job opportunities for community residents.

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A Food Hub

A food hub, working with corner stores, farmers’ markets, and neighborhood health centers to provide greater local access to affordable healthy food.